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Fire Service Pro is ready to help you with your needs, please contact us with any questions, to list your company in our directory or become an exclusive member.

Fire Service Pro is a Website Developer

Fire Service Pro focuses attention on building and creating websites. We do not provide fire protection services.

Our goal is to promote the practice of fire and life safety, the importance of installing fire protection systems and help property owners connect with actively licensed fire protection service companies that can help you meet or exceed fire codes.

A fire protection company may be required to have an active license for every system they wish to perform service work on, such as fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire suppression, kitchen hood systems and fire hydrants.

What we Need
Fire Service Pro Needs Your Help

Fire Service Pro needs your donation to build this database. We need to hire and train additional people for research and development, employees and contractors that are hired to build webpages and code, build a legible, easy to read and searchable fire protection licensee database in every State. We must request data from each State, research this data, sometimes contact the fire protection licensees directly to find out if they work on residential, commercial, public, government, military or industrial fire protection systems.

Fire Service Pro needs your help and support, the money we receive from you will help us continually update all of our website series, help teach the importance of fire and life safety, bring you lists of actively licensed fire protection service professionals local to your City and/or County.

Donating to Fire Service Pro

Your support and aid will allow us to continue offering you choice, the ability to shop and compare prices, giving property owners the opportunity to save money for servicing and installing fire protection systems.

Fire Service Pro is a for profit company, even though we have not had any profits to report as our money has been reinvested to continually build a better tomorrow. All the more reason to support those who support you, we hope that Fire Service Pro has helped save you money and thank you for your support. Should you wish to make a contribution greater than the amounts listed above please contact Fire Service Pro at, so that we may create an invoice specific to the amount you wish to contribute.

Thank you for Your Support

Fire Service Pro wishes to thank all those who will help support this dream into becoming a reality, we do believe a fire protection database will help everyone that is required to meet fire codes and would like to learn about practicing fire and life safety and modern methods used in fire prevention.

Plan and Practice a Fire Escape Plan

Plan and Practice a Fire Drills

Knowing what to do in the event of a fire, helps save lives, assets and property in fire emergencies. Fire drills help teach occupants what to do when a fire occurs. Fires can double in size every 30 seconds and spread very quickly.

Communication is our best tool, educate occupants on fire prevention methods, early fire detection and notification systems, such as fire alarms, what tools you may use to safely suppress a fire until help arrives and who to call in the event of an emergency.

The more involved you are the more prepared you will be, ask a fire fighter, contact your local fire department or read the information prepared by USFA FEMA.

Plan and practice fire drills at least twice a year, help teach occupants what to do in fire emergencies and try to plan two ways of egress, it is suggested to have at least two ways to escape in case of a fire emergency, when practicing your escape plans.